Earn revenue with every parcel, with paid parcel inserts

ReadyToShip and ParcePush announce a partnership that provides any retailer shipping 250 orders per month or more to Australians to earn extra revenue for every order thanks to paid parcel inserts.

How do you earn revenue for your orders?

Simple. Fill out the enquiry form on ParcelPush here.

The team at ParcelPush will then ship you inserts which you can add to any dispatched orders.

You get paid 6c + gst for every insert that you add (recommended maximum is 6).

You have full control over which inserts you want to add to your parcels, to make sure the offer is a great match for your customers.

Who is ParcelPush?

They are an established parcel insert specialist in Sydney and would like to open up a new revenue channel for you. Earn money simply by adding a little extra to each of your parcels. They work with great advertisers and retailers managing the process for partners.

ParcelPush Pty Ltd

What are the benefits? 

They pay you for each inserted flyer greatly improving your shipping cost ratios and offsetting parts of your ReadyToShip license fees. 

Most of their advertising partners are well-known brands, which include valuable special offers on their flyers that your customers will love. 
And it gets better: Customer perceive the little extras or offers as added value and will become more loyal to your business. 

What’s required?

All you have to do as a distribution partner is to receive the flyers from ParcelPush at your warehouse and insert them 1 by 1 into your shipments as a small additional step in your picking & packing area. Ideally you ship a minimum of 250 parcels each month. 

What is the next step?

If you would like to become a retail partner within our ParcelPush distribution network, please fill out the form here. ​We will contact you shortly with a proposal and to discuss the first delivery of one to six flyers to your warehouse at no additional cost, so that you can start your first insertion campaign and start earning.

Who are the advertisers?

Advertisers vary and change month to month, but are generally strong well known brands that are looking to boost their awareness by getting in front of your customers and providing great offers.

Here is a recent selection of active advertisers: