ReadyToShip Product Updates – October 2019

It has been a busy 12 months for ReadyToShip (and a little while since we released a post like this to highlight product changes and improvements).

We will attempt to do this a little more frequently from now on, as there is a lot of development activity going on at the moment.

Along with a raft of core product improvements to existing carriers and functionality we have also made a number of performance improvements for the whole app. Read below to see what we have worked on recently.

Recent fixes and improvements


Implemented changes required to support MyPost Business new “If It Packs, It Posts” satchels/boxes

For some more detail – we now support the new own packaging and post packaging parcel sizes, and using your chosen dimensions we auto calculate which satchel/carton your order will fit for generating the bulk upload to Mypost Business.


  • Launched new sales channel (beta) – WineDirect
  • Added option to eBay stores to use either the old or new (12 digit) eBay order numbering system 
  • Fixed bug where carrier default Country of Origin wasn’t being used.
    This will help all Sellers shipping internationally
  • Removed requirement for individual item weights in eParcel international orders, a great efficiency improvement
  • Added feature to override store return address in eParcel carrier settings – this is a nice feature, enabling sellers using multiple eParcel accounts (locations) to have a different return address per location ID.


  • Added company name to the display of customer details in the Unshipped Orders tab, shipping tabs and search results


  • Implemented completed rewritten Shopify ‘Update Store’ process.
    This made the process that creates fulfilment and tracking updates for Shopify stores around 20x-40x faster.


In October we launched our new WineDirect integration. WineDirect provides end to end solutions for wineries, including POS, marketplace integration, website/ecommerce sales and wine club functionality.

ReadyToShip now enabled WineDirect retailers to fulfil quickly and easily.

WineDirect Header Logo

We have some new channel and courier integrations coming soon, so keep your eyes open for announcements.


In August we introduced a partnership with ParcelPush for any seller that ships 200 orders a month to get paid to include flyers in their parcels.

ParcelPush Pty Ltd
Click here to make a free enquiry – start earning revenue from your shipments!

This program is available to ANY retailer, not just ReadyToShip customers. This free program can provide you with up to 36c revenue per shipment.

For more information, enquire here or contact us via live chat.