This Confidentiality Policy forms part of the Terms of Service between “ReadyToShip” and “Customer” as defined in the Terms of Service for the use of the ReadyToShip Service (“the Service”). The Terms of Service and the Policies referenced therein are collectively referred to as the “Agreement”.

The complete Terms of Service can be viewed here.

Definition of Confidential Information

For purposes of this Confidentiality Policy Confidential Information includes without limitation:

  1. each party’s trade secrets, business plans, strategies, methods and/or practices;
  2. computer systems architecture and network configurations;
  3. any other information relating to a party that is not generally known to the public, including information about either party’s personnel, products, customers, financial information, marketing and pricing strategies, services or future business plans; and
  4. any and all analysis, compilations, studies, notes or other material prepared which contain or are based on Confidential Information received from a disclosing party.

Obligations of the Recipient of Confidential Information

A recipient of any Confidential Information:

  1. must keep the Confidential Information confidential;
  2. may use the Confidential Information only for the purposes of this Agreement;
  3. may disclose the Confidential Information but only to those persons who have a need to know and have agreed in writing to keep the Confidential Information confidential;
  4. must keep the Confidential Information secure;
  5. must comply with any directions the disclosing party may give to the recipient from time to time in relation to the Confidential Information;

Lawful Disclosure

This clause does not apply to the extent that the recipient is obliged by Law to disclose the Confidential Information. If the recipient is required by Law to disclose any Confidential Information and if reasonably practicable, the recipient must before doing so:

  1. notify the disclosing party and provide the details of the proposed disclosure;
  2. give the disclosing party a reasonable opportunity to take any steps the disclosing party considers necessary to protect the confidentiality of that information;
  3. provide any assistance reasonably required by the disclosing party to protect the confidentiality of that information; and
  4. notify the third person that the information is confidential information of the disclosing party.

This Agreement

Neither party will make any public statement, press release or other announcement relating to the terms or existence of this Agreement without the prior written approval of the other party, except as may be required by Law.