Statistics: Inside Australian Online Shopping 2016

Inside Australian Online Shopping 2016
Inside Australian Online Shopping 2016

Australia Post has released some fantastic data on the state of Online Retail in Australia for 2016.

We at ReadyToShip love data and statistics so this document was great reading.

It is 122 pages of information about the industry including breakdowns of growth by vertical and growth of the industry as a whole.

The Executive Summary is:

The state of Australian eCommerce

Online retail continues to evolve and mature, creating great opportunities for Australian businesses.

While Australians have traditionally been accustomed to the familiarity of buying goods in a bricks-and- mortar store, the trend for growth is clear. In Christmas 2015 – the busiest time of the year for online shopping and deliveries – 53% of Australians bought online1, highlighting the strong potential for growth in the Australian eCommerce market.

Growth in online spending on physical goods exceeded bricks-and-mortar by 1.8%.

As Australia’s fondness for online shopping continues to grow, and previously untapped sections of the Australian population become more comfortable with online shopping, the shift towards digital will accelerate.

Australians spent $19 billion online in 2015 – which was 12% higher than the previous year – with digital services contributing around a quarter of that amount. In the same period, online spending on physical goods increased by approximately 6%3, compared to bricks-and-mortar spend which only increased by 4.2%

The full report also goes into detail on emerging suburbs for deliveries by vertical so, as a retailer, these suburbs might be worth targeting with some marketing.

We also have some single page category data to share — these are listed below.

Highlights: Inside Australian Online Shopping – Highlights
or view the full report : Inside Australian Online Shopping 2016

Single page reports: