• We have been using ready to ship for many years now and found the system to be very user friendly. Whenever we did have any issues the staff at ready to ship were on hand to resolve quickly. Keep up the good work

    by Kasa Factory

  • We have been using Ready To Ship for over a year now, it has proven to be an essential part of our businesses and easily talks between our e commerce sites and eparcel making our postage labelling and packing effortless by reducing the paperwork and manual handling of information seamless. Saving us hours of work a day whether we are sending 50 parcels or 200 parcels at a time it makes it simple.

    by Itz All About Hair

  • We have been using Ready to Ship for around 3 years now and have been very happy with the product. The program integrates easily with Australia Post's eParcel and our main selling platform eBay. We have saved time and money using this program and have always found the service to be of the highest quality. Simple to use and certainly value for money. We highly recommend Ready to Ship.

    by Surf Wear Here

  • Ready to ship is simply the best software out there. It saves so much time and helps to control mistakes with shipping parcels. We couldn't be without it. Once you start using it you will never go back!!!

    by Vac City

  • Ready to ship provides an invaluable service to enable us to transfer our orders on EBay to Australia post. Without this service it would be extremely difficult to send out our goods. Ready to ship is always available via phone or internet to assist in any way we require. Thank you Nathan & the team for your excellent service

    by Gas Strut Recharge

  • I can't praise Ready to Ship enough. It works seamlessly with my e-commerce platform and shipping provider and cut my order processing time down by at least 75%. With the click of a button I can print my Pick Lists and when ready to ship another clink sends all the shipping details through to my shipping partner. No more copy typing addresses and making mistakes. And the best bit, one final click and my e-commerce platform is notified of all tracking details so that my customers can be automatically emailed. The best thing I ever did for my online business!

    by Jack and Willow - jackandwillow.com.au

  • Just what we are looking for, a great time saver and make things alot easier. Also the staff are quick to response if you ever need help. Highly recommend to anyone that sells online

    by Talis Collection - Talis.com.au

  • Just saying, we got 329 orders over the weekend and to process that on a Monday would have taken 3-4 hours before we used ReadyToShip. This morning I set my stopwatch and took it fairly easy. It took only 15 minutes and 22 seconds!

    by Luvyourphone.com.au

  • We recently made the switch to ReadyToShip and it’s proven to be a brilliant solution for our razor subscription service. ReadyToShip integrates seamlessly with Shopify, simplifying the fulfilment process for our warehouse staff. The ReadyToShip Support Team are always willing and able to assist. Like us, ReadyToShip are Australian-owned and we love to support local business wherever possible

    by Oscar Razor

  • I have been selling on ebay for 10 years and doing customer addresses and tracking numbers the old fashioned way for a long time. When I was offered my eparcel agreement I was overwhelmed by the complexity of the system. It was difficult to understand how to upload and download so many different details into a variety of systems at once. In frustration I turned to the internet for help and found ReadyToShip. I have to say my business has been made easier in so many ways. With just a click of a button my customer details go from ebay to eparcel and back again. All postage address are corrected where possible and weights of my items are remembered. The system is a dreams come true, at a click of a button and hour of work gets transformed into minutes. And days of trying to find customer support are gone as your questions are answered quickly and correctly. If you have not tried ReadyToShip I strongly recommend that you do. After all you have nothing to lose and so much to gain.

    by Kitchen Helpers

  • We approached ReadyToShip because it is easy to use, affordable and most importantly it save us so much time in our shipping process. We no longer need to do our pick list, generating labels, and updating the tracking numbers for all orders as ReadyToShip will do it all. If you need any help, the team in ReadyToShip is always readily available and they are very friendly and helpful too. We find our experience with ReadyToShip is truly amazing and we would recommend ReadyToShip to everyone.

    by Oz Innovations

  • Shadeclothworld began using ReadyToShip 2 years ago and could not operate without it. We operate 6 online stores here through various channels and ship in excess of 25'000 parcels per year. ReadyToShip has streamlined our business so all our orders are managed and processed in one easy to use place. ReadyToShip not only makes the whole shipping process easier - it also eliminates picking errors and returns through address errors have stopped as ReadyToShip picks up on any inconsistencies. In a busy 24/7 e-commerce business time is everything and ReadyToShip save us heaps of time. Questions are responded to quickly and the cost of running is minimal. We literally couldn't operate without it.

    by Shade Cloth World

  • I'm currently running two e-commerce stores on my own and with a 9-month baby boy. Before ReadyToShip I had to manually upload shipping details one by one which is very time consuming and stressful. Now thanks to ReadyToShip, all shipment actions can be integrated into a few clicks of the buttons. My work efficiency has improved a lot. As a small business owner, it doesn't cost much. Now I can put more time towards my family and growing my business which is brilliant!

    by Avant Crystal

  • We are an online business in growth mode, with that in mind we went looking for technology that would help streamline our business, create efficiencies and improve time management. ‘Ready to Ship ‘ came up trumps for us. The system is clean, clear and intuitive to use. The customer service is second to none and if we have a glitch (which is hardly ever) the guys get back to us in no time at all. Ready to Ship is progressive and I think their own experience in online retail has allowed them to understand the requirements for ease of collating and sending orders. Triple ‘A’ rating from all of us here at Plants in a Box.

    by Plants In A Box

  • Over the past year Mitchells Adventure has seen steady growth in our online sales. This has been achieved through multiple online sales channels. One issue that we found was grouping all sales into one place for picking and packing purposes as well as finding an efficient way to send this sales data to our courier in one go. readytoship has been a crucial part in reducing manual entry and increasing efficiency within our online sales department. Allowing us to complete our orders from sale to dispatch in only 3 simple steps.

    by Mitchells Adventure

  • I would recommend ReadyToShip to any online business, to free up time to focus on the important aspects of your business.

    by Aquaholics

  • I have found Ready to Ship site extremely helpful when I started using eParcel service last year. I can see orders from my several eBay shops in one place and manage them. Streaming order information to eParcel is prompt and hassle free. It saves my time a lot, I really appreciate this service.

    by Fertilisers Online

  • Ag Wholesalers has been using RTS since 2010 and have found it to be an excellent platform for collecting orders from various sources and easily organising those orders for shipping. RTS has grown over the years as my business has and implements new and more efficient technology as it comes available, making things even easier to process. I could not tell you how many hours a year it saves my staff and myself, it really is a good product and am glad to have found RTS when I did!

    by Ag Wholesalers

  • Connecting our Magento website with Ready to Ship has been essential in increasing our order capacity by enabling us to dispatch hundreds of orders daily through the Australia Post eParcel system, something that would never have been possible with our previous system considering our small team. The real difference with Ready to Ship is it's two click Manifest import feature to import tracking numbers, eliminating the need for CSV exports and uploads as other solutions require, greatly simplifying the process of getting tracking numbers to our customers quickly and accurately!

    by The Gamesmen

  • We love Ready to Ship. Simple and easy to use, it's been revolutionary in streamlining our despatch and tracking systems. Saves time and effort by seamless integration. Very reactive customer service who resolve issues asap. Highly recommend RTS as a perfect fit for any online business.

    by Rock Around The Block

  • ReadyToShip plays an important role in the daily operation of our online store, We use ReadyToShip as our e-commerce integration provider and  it’s a real time-saving tool. It’s easy to use, support is great and we could not be happier.

    by Aussie Disposals

  • Ready-To-Ship have nailed it! This program took the stress away and changed our two hour shipping process each day into a thirty minute exercise. Not only does this program automate shipping, but it corrects address data as well. An excellent, easy-to-use system and a great team working there, who certainly give the feeling they want to help grow your business.

    by Outlet24Seven

  • We have been using "Ready to ship" since its inception. We are wrapt and extremely grateful to you guys. It not only makes our life so much easier, but also is very easy to use as well. Each time you incorporate upgrades and changes, we love it. It is hard to imagine such a good service getting better.

    by EW Direct

  • Readytoship has been a crucial part to our business which has allowed us to bring multiple sales channels together to create a single feed to allow us to create shipping labels for our order. It's especially beneficial if you use multiple shipping carries and shipping methods. Now with direct print you press one button and all of the printers will generate the labels for the day. Additionally the ability of Readytoship to flag address errors has allowed us to decrease missing/return to sender orders dramatically as a bulk of our items are classified as letters which are sent untracked. It's the logic next step for your business when you grow out of creating shipping labels manually.

    by Remote Pro

  • We have been trading for the last 4 years and entering all shipping details manually is really time consuming. We have trialled many other apps but when we came across ReadytoShip it was like we struck gold. With a few clicks, it is very simple to create all your shipping labels, manifest all orders and notify all the customers of their tracking numbers. Thank you to the ReadytoShip team for their great support.

    by Vape Street