Import eBay sales into eParcel

Lot’s of eBay sellers want to import their eBay sales into eParcel.

ReadyToShip makes this very simple indeed. Imagine having all of your eBay orders appear automatically in ReadyToShip, grouped together and consolidated into eParcel in a few simple clicks?

We needed a solution like this when our own business started online retailing back in 2000, so we built a shipping automation tool to handle it. We soon realised that nearly every seller needs a tool like this.

How much time will it save you?

Our average eBay customer ships around 30 orders per day. You probably fit into one of these customer types:

  • You print invoices from eBay and manually type or copy/paste orders into eParcel, then manually type tracking numbers into eBay to update all of your orders.
  • You print all your invoices, cut out the address labels and stick them to the parcels with sticky tape to send via regular post.
Either way, you are wasting valuable business building time!
What is the solution?
The solution is ReadyToShip.
  • ReadyToShip is a web based application that connects to your eBay account, and automatically imports your orders when they are marked as Paid.
  • It automatically screens for incorrect addresses, and tells you how to fix them!
  • It allows you to delay orders, set reminders and add notes and messages to any order.
  • It keep a searchable database of your orders, so you can quickly and easily find any order in the last six months!
  • You can set up multiple users with differing levels of access.
  • It allows you to import all of your orders in bulk to eParcel. Can you imagine importing 100 orders into eParcel in less than thirty seconds?
And most importantly, you can send your eParcel tracking numbers back to eBay and automatically mark all of those orders as ‘Shipped’ in eBay!
So why not try it today? There is a free 30 day trial to get you started.
Our customer service team can get you up and running very quickly, but most customers complete setup themselves in less than ten minutes without any help from us at all!