Shopify and eParcel Integration

Shopify is a fantastic hosted eCommerce platform, and is growing in popularity every day so integrating with ReadyToShip was high on our list of priorities. We are proud to announce that ReadyToShip now supports Shopify and eParcel integration.Shopify to Australia Post eParcel Integration

Until now there has been no easy way to import Shopify orders into eParcel, but with ReadyToShip you can now integrate with eParcel for all local/domestic and international parcel and letter options, saving time and money and improving deliverability.

Shopify to eParcel connection features

Best of all, ReadyToShip provides extra functionality to help Shopify users better manage their growing stores with eParcel shipping and label services, such as:

  • address validation,
  • order notes and reminder system,
  • order delay,
  • order editing,
  • and multi-store/multi-channel support.

Setting up Shopify to use eParcel is easy, and only requires you to authenticate ReadyToShip to your Shopify store.

  1. Log in to your ReadyToShip account (free 30 day trial here)
  2. Then click Settings -> Sales Channels -> Add new Sale Channel
  3. Fill out the details for your store, and choose ‘Shopify’ as the account type.
  4. Click ‘Save’. On the following screen you need to enter the URL of your store (eg, “”).
  5. The next screen to load will be a screen requesting you login to your Shopify account (if you aren’t already) and then approving ReadyToShip to connect to your Shopify Store.

And that’s it!

Shortly after completing this step, orders that are paid and unshipped will start appearing in your console.

Why connect Shopify with eParcel?

Australia Post’s eParcel platform is one of the most popular in the country, with Australia Post controlling approximately 80% of the freight market.

Shopify is also growing very strongly in Australia, and many Shopify users will find it difficult and clumsy to copy and paste order information from Shopify to eParcel, and then copy and paste the tracking data back to their Shopify store and manually notify customers of the tracking information.

Connecting Shopify and eParcel with ReadyToShip will save a lot of time, a lot of headaches, and allow you to focus more on growing your Shopify business.

eParcel also gives you the largest delivery network in Australia for your Shopify customers, so it is definitely a great carrier to connect to.