What Is MyPost Business And Is It Free?

We released our updated API integration for the MyPost Service in June 2023 allowing you to process orders entirely within the ReadyToShip platform with automatic updating of tracking details. With our new releases it is a good time to discuss what the MyPost service offers and its advantages especially for smaller businesses.

How much does MyPost cost?

MyPost has no minimum service fee and no required quantity of orders, which differentiates it from an eParcel/Parcel Contract account which has agreed minimum volumes of orders you must ship in order to receive contract pricing.

There is no barrier of entry to MyPost, and you are only charged for the services and rates you use per label. There are no extra contract fees or charges on top. You pay for the label, and that is it. ReadytoShip will show you quotes in the dashboard for MyPost costs, and these costs include all surcharges and GST so you know exactly how much MyPost will cost to send an order.

You can connect your MyPost account to your ReadyToShip platform and with out new integration process the fulfillment of orders in one place. Our guide is here.

Who is MyPost Business for?

MyPost Business is a shipping service by Australia Post predominantly designed for use by individuals or small businesses. It is free to set up an account and you can print your own shipping labels at home or business to them apply to parcels which can be dropped off at a Post Office, or a pick up can be booked too. It is best suited for smaller and growing businesses as there are discounts based on volume, and no contract or agreement is required to get started.

MyPost services and rates

MyPost as a carrier offers a variety of different services. There is standard parcel post or express and international variants of each. Within the ReadyToShip platform these services and their rates are displayed to you on each order for you to select. These rates are calculated automatically for you, using the order and item weight and package dimensions imported from your store.

You can find the break down and published rates for MyPost here.

MyPost predefined packaging

MyPost features a collection of predefined packages, available to purchase from AusPost in a variety of sizes, in satchels and boxes. These AusPost defined packages are already in ReadyToShip and can be easily assigned to orders (covered in more detail here.). They can be cost effective for shipping.

Can I use MyPost and eParcel together?

Yes, in ReadyToShip you can connect both MyPost and eParcel/Parcel Contract accounts and choose between the two.

In some cases, depending upon the packages and destinations in question, MyPost may have more favourable rates than eParcel. While it may no be common, sometimes MyPost Business will actually be cheaper than your eParcel/Parcel Contract for a few shipments.

Getting a MyPost Account

Don’t have a MyPost Business account yet? Click here to set up your free account.