ReadyToShip updates for August 2023

We have been hard at work developing new features and integrations for ReadyToShip platform.

We have recently released our new MyPost API connection, an updated Amazon integration (along with request for Beta users of our new Amazon EasyShip integration), some new Eco packaging compostable satchels and tape to our shipping supplies store as well as a restock of shipping labels and satchels.

We also made other app improvements such as

  • Ability to print Pick Lists from the Unshipped Orders Grid (currently uses template from first connected Store in account, but option to change this will be added in a few days)
  • Back end speed improvements for tracking updates for Etsy, WooCommerce and Amazon

All up, over 50 different code updates/improvements were made in the last 30 days alone – a busy month for our team.

For more updates, read below:

We made some improvements to our Aramex integration over the last month, notably

  • Addition of Priority support
  • Improvements to Signature Required/ATL implementation
  • More accurate rates considering Fuel Surcharge and the selected signature option.

Note we also support the 300gram satchel option, but this needs to be enabled on your Aramex account first, so if that interests you, get in touch with them!

Our recent integration has great features:

  • Pay and Print PDF labels from within ReadytoShip
  • Supports Domestic and International services
  • Update tracking numbers directly back to your store/marketplace account
  • Option to still pay with PayPal via your MyPost account

To learn more about features and how to connect, check out our MyPost Business articles in our Help centre.

We recently made some improvements to Sendle options, including:

  • Express/Priority product support
  • HS/Tariff code support (now a requirement for international shipments)
  • Now we present Express rates along with Standard rates (where available)
  • Ability to set importer reference # (IOSS etc) at order level
  • Other minor performance improvements

We now support Token based Authentication for better security and stability of connections. See here for information on how to set up.

Due to Etsy’s API V2 being retired we have migrated to their V3 API.

We have been busy adding capability to support Amazon EasyShip merchants and are looking for some beta customers.

Learn more about EasyShip here.

If you are an EasyShip user already, or want to try it, please respond to this email and let us know.

We made improvements to update of eBay orders when non standard carriers/couriers are used (eg, then no tracking number is provided)

ReadyToShip store

Our Eco compostable satchels and tapes are selling well and we still have stock. They are available in a variety of dimensions and are a great eco friendly option!

We also have re-stocks of courier satchels and compatible shipping labels at great prices!

Please contact us for more information on any of these changes.