ReadyToShip updates for September 2023

During this last month we worked on some interface and user experience improvements in ReadyToShip as well as some more features for carriers and stores. We have plenty of updates to cover below, and more in the works for the coming weeks too.

September updates include:

Bulk Defer/ Undefer orders

We implemented the ability to bulk defer orders (use the selection checkbox then the blue ‘Defer Shipment’ button in the Unshipped Orders grid as shown:

Conversely, once orders are in the Deferred Orders tab you can also bulk undefer them now too:

For more information on deferring orders, click here.

Now you can print Pick lists and the SKU Summary from the Unshipped Orders tab. Previously you needed to select and move orders to a shipping tab first.

Use the buttons as shown:

Update the template to use in Settings > Account Operations.

Expired Labels and error messages

Previously when trying to reprint a label that was expired, an error would be thrown, and the Complete Steps ‘L’ step would turn red:

From now on you will receive an error or warning that the label is expired, but the Label step will not turn red, meaning you can continue processing orders (and not have to reach out to customer support).

We are working on more improvements for this part of the shipping process too.

eParcel / Startrack Rate accuracy

All Australia Post surcharges are now automatically included in every eParcel/ParcelContract and Startrack rate quote. This includes Fuel Surcharges and Security Surcharges.

Also, rates calculate accurately for multiple article consignments (eg, 2 or more labels/packages per consignment).

This means all rates for all carriers in ReadyToShip include fuel surcharges and GST for accurate comparison.

(Note that some surcharges, such as manual handling and post delivery charges may not be provided by carriers)

HS Tariff Code requirements

EU shipping requirements come into force this week.

Changes to EU shipping requirements commenced 2 October, 2023. If you’re shipping to the EU you must include the receiver’s postcode and all items must include valid HS Tariff Codes.

So ensure your items have a Tariff Code in ReadyToShip (or your store that is connected, so we can import them).

For more information, read


These are very important requirements for all international shipping going forward, not just for the EU.

We will be looking at ways to enhance ReadyToShip to assist with better management of HS Tariff Codes as we go forward.

Other changes

  • Enhanced conflict detection for Shopify – we do a better job at detecting whether orders and contents have changed or not, preventing some false positives and reimports.
  • “Are you sure?” prompt now appears when deleting a Store or Carrier connection.
  • Improved handling of shipping and billing address for Couriers Please.
  • Merged Orders – prevent editing of order addresses if merged orders already have labels generated.
  • Added option to edit authentication information of a Store at any time, even if the store is already authenticated.

ReadyToShip store

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Please contact us for more information on any of these changes.