ReadyToShip updates: December 2023

We hope your Black Friday/Cyber Monday period of sales went well. Read about some great new updates as well as some interface and user experience improvements in ReadyToShip.

Reprinting older PDF labels now possible

After you print PDF labels we now add a link to the the PDF document that the label was included in, on the order detail page.

You can use this to reprint labels if you lose one, or need to reprint an older one.
Note : You still need to ensure that the label is valid with the carrier!

PDF links will be there for as long as we keep the PDF files (up to approximately 6 months)

Maropost now imports HS Tariff Codes

HS Tariff Codes in Neto by Maropost are now imported.

Previously these were not available in Maropost’s API but now they are. If you have Tariff codes in Maropost products, but entered some into ReadytoShip as well, Maropost Tariff codes will take priority.

Major improvements in international character handling

We have made some big improvements in how our system handles and passes through international characters in addresses and names for international shipments.

These back end improvements may not be obvious, but the outcome is that there will be far fewer issues with extended characters in order addresses and item titles etc.

This should improve your efficiency (fewer ‘errors’) and most importantly improve deliverability of parcels.

Restrict import of Shopify orders based on Tag and Status

We added the ability to restrict import of Shopify orders based on Order Tags, and also some more options to restrict import based on order Status.

You can edit these settings in your Shopify default settings page in ReadyToShip.

BigCommerce Multi Store capability

We have upgraded our BigCommerce connection to be able to support multi store capability.

This means our BigCommerce connection is able to be installed for all BigCommerce accounts.

Add Images to SKU Summary

You can now add images to the SKU Summary (where possible).

Other changes

  • Enhanced conflict detection for orders with extra long titles (over 255 characters).
  • Improvements in order import performance and updates for a number of carriers.
  • Continued improvement in WooCommerce integration reliability and performance.
  • Added option to edit authentication information of a Store at any time, even if the store is already authenticated.
  • Add some logic to prepend any Customer Note to Shopify shipping instructions (in Shopify connection settings)
  • Improvements to front end app loading times
  • Magento 2 – Added support for Bundled product import