Product Updates

What is Australia Posts OnDemand shipping service?

Australia post recently launched their new ‘OnDemand’ carrier services which ReadyToShip integrates with.

There are three different services available including:

  • NOW (Which is a 3hr courier delivery option)
  • SAT (Which is a Saturday afternoon delivery option) and
  • TON (Which is an evening delivery option)

These new services offer some great courier/same day options to Australia Post/Startrack’s offerings.

For retailers that sell product required for events or in faster time frames, the ability to offer a same day or courier service is highly sought after.

What are these services?

Here is some more detail about the three services.

They are only available in certain metro postcodes, and the same/next day coverage is usually to the same postcode area.

For an up to date list of serviced areas, please view the Auspost OnDemand service area list here.

NOW: This is a 3 (or 4) Hr courier delivery service, which is a point to point pickup via a Startrack Courier van.

It is direct delivery, from your business to the customer. Manifest must be done as soon as possible, so a job can be allocated by the Startrack courier.

TON: This is a great service providing same day delivery to the customer in the evening.

Booking again must be manifested before a cut off time for pickup (usually around 3pm). Bookings are picked up by Startrack Courier vans, and delivered to customers between 6 and 9pm that evening.

SAT: This is a Saturday afternoon delivery, which can be booked on a Friday or Saturday morning.

These bookings can be made on Friday, or Saturday morning up until 11am, for delivery between 1 and 6pm Saturday afternoon.

How does the Auspost OnDemand pricing work?

The pricing model is quite simple.

Each service is a flat fee added to your local Auspost metro delivery rate. This means that each service is the one cost, regardless of delivery postcode.

How do you qualify for OnDemand services?

Qualification is required, and retailer fit can be examined on a case by case basis. You need to be in the serviceable area, and meet some other general requirements. For more questions, contact your Australia Post account manager.

To generate OnDemand labels and update tracking to your customers via your webstore or marketplace you can connect OnDemand to ReadyToShip.

Simply sign up for a ReadyToShip account for free here, then follow the prompts to connect to OnDemand services.

New Features : ReadytoShip now integrates with DHL eCommerce and Couriers Please

We have been working hard over the past few months to roll out new features and we are pleased to announce the launch of two new integrations.

DHL eCommerce and Couriers Please are very popular carriers in Australia and we now offer seamless integration with both. If you sell on platforms such as eBay, Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, NETO, ChannelAdvisor, BigCommerce (and others) you can now easily integrate with DHL and Couriers Please.

DHL eCommerce Integration

Seamlessly print labels and manifest for DHL eCommerce from within ReadyToShip. We also store information about your items such as their Country Of Origin, Goods Description and HS Tariffs codes to save you re-entering them.
Click here for more info

Couriers Please Integration

Connect to your Couriers Please account, get live rates, print labels and more. Labels print directly from within ReadyToShip.

Couriers Please is a growing freight providers in Australia, offering domestic satchel and parcel services as well as international services. In 2016 they shipped over 17 million consignments so they serve a significant portion of the market and offer a great alternative to other Australian carriers.
Click here for more info.

For a full list of our Store and Carrier integrations click here.

New Feature : Importing eBay weights and dimensions

ReadyToShip will now import weights and dimensions from an eBay store.

We keep a copy of weights and dimension (plus a few other attributes like warehouse location) if a sales feed provides them. You can also save your own values for an SKU if the sales feed doesn’t provide them. We use these values the next time we see the same SKU so you don’t have to enter them every time.

You can choose which data you want to use: the local copy in ReadyToShip or the data from the store.

Go to the store configuration and choose the values that will use the local copy.

This gives you the best of both worlds; you can use the values in your store if it provides them, and you can override values in ReadyToShip for a particular SKU if you need to.


New feature: Live Rates displayed

Recently we started rolling out some changes to the way we handle and display quoted prices from some of our carriers.

Carriers like eParcel, Sendle and Fastway now allow us to provide live rates so you can make quicker and more accurate decisions on who to ship with.

If you have set up a Sendle, eParcel (Domestic) or Fastway courier you will now see rates on every order where they are valid. This will help you compare prices and decide the best way to ship your packages. Simply click the suggested rate to ship the order using that service.

We will be adding live rates for other carriers, with eParcel International and Couriers Please coming in the next couple of months.

Note: Due to limitations of the Fastway API, we are not able to get accurate prices. You will still see the available services but prices will not be shown.

After you make changes to an order you can click the refresh icon to reload rates. If there is more data required to get a rate quote (eg, weight, order dimensions) then ReadyToShip will alert you.

New features and fixes for November 2016

We are always working hard on new features, improvements and bug fixes so thank you to all of our customers who provide us feedback and suggestions, it is highly appreciated.

November has been a big month, with ReadyToShip breaking records in the volume of shipments we processed and new customers coming on board (welcome!)

We just wanted to share some recent news, new features and some updates on product improvements that you might like.

  • Sendle Integration
    We now integrate with Sendle. Sendle offers flat rate national pricing door to door and will pick up from your home or business. ReadyToShip is the first platform to integrate with Sendle and we already have a bunch of customers using them. Plus, get free Sendle Premium pricing for 12 months when you use Sendle via ReadyToShip and get a great integration with live rate quoting!
    Click here for more.
  • Live Rates
    We have now enabled live rate quoting for eParcel, Sendle and Fastway, with more couriers to come. You can see rates in your order tabs and refresh them if you make changes. Click here for more.
  • Customer Carrier names
    Upload customer carrier names with tracking to your store. This gives some customers more flexibility in the carrier names they upload with tracking numbers.
  • New Invoice Template
    New template with cleaner styling. Check it out by selecting the newest one in your Store settings (Settings > Stores, then edit your store connection).  As usual, it is HTML and new templates can be made and edited in Settings > Templates.
  • Product images in templates
    Now you can see item images in pick lists and new invoice template for most store connection types. Make sure you choose the newest templates (see previous point)
  • Ability to edit total order weight
    You can now edit the total order weight for orders. This should be another time saver.

As usual, if you have any questions or comments our team would love to hear from you. Just reply to this message and we will respond as soon as we can.

Wishing you a fantastic Christmas season of sales!​

How to send custom carrier names to your store for tracking

You can now specify a different carrier name when tracking data is sent to your store.

Why have we done this?

  • Some platforms look for specific carrier names in the tracking information so they can generate tracking URLs.
  • Some of our customers would like to change the Carrier Name that is uploaded to their store when tracking details are sent.

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ReadyToShip Updates for January and February

January and February have been huge months for ReadyToShip with many system updates, improvements and lots of new customers (welcome!).

Recent improvements and fixes:

  • New eParcel integration is now available. Print labels directly from ReadyToShip, without having to log in to eParcel! (Domestic services only at this stage.) Go to Settings  Carriers  Add Carrier to connect.
  • Fastway integration. Go to Settings  Carriers⇒ Add Carrier.
  • ReadyToShip “DirectPrint” now available. Print labels and manifests with one click to any printer. Currently supports Fastway, eParcel Direct, and TIG. Go to Settings to enable.
  • Default weights and dimensions can now be set for each item/order in eParcel carrier settings.
  • Numerous improvements to Shopify and Bigcommerce integrations.

We are working on many more great features such as live rate quoting from Fastway, eParcel and TIG as well as DirectPrint for standard address labels and invoices.

BigCommerce to eParcel Integration

We are pleased to announce that ReadyToShip now supports BigCommerce.BigCommerce-Integration

BigCommerce is a leader in the hosted shopping cart solution market and has been growing in popularity.

If you are using BigCommerce you can now automate label printing to our supported carrier systems such as eParcel, Fastway and more.

You can start by clicking on the ReadyToShip icon in the BigCommerce solutions area or via the  ‘Stores’ section in your ReadyToShip account.

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