WineDirect integration gives Wineries a fast way to ship!

Readytoship has launched an integration with WineDirect, allowing wineries all over Australia using their platform to now ship more efficiently and quickly than ever before with carriers like eParcel and Fastway.

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Winedirect is a leading ecommerce and end to end fulfilment solution for Wineries, offering eCommerce capability, POS systems for local tasting and restaurant sales, the ability to run wine clubs and much more.



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ReadyToShip greatly expands the capability of the WineDirect platform by providing a shipping management platform that can integrate with existing Fastway and eParcel accounts used for shipping wine and alcoholic beverages

WineDirect orders are imported automatically into ReadyToShip.


WineDirect retailers can see live shipping rates in the ReadyToShip dashboard, and create commonly used packages for shipping (eg, 1/2 dozen, dozen cartons etc).

Shipping labels and manifests are generated with a single click of a mouse button.

And shipping information is uploaded back to WineDirect with one click too.

This means no more copying and pasting addresses into carrier systems to find the best rate which is a huge time saver!

Check out how easy it is to print eParcel labels for your orders:


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