How to connect Sendle to Amazon Australia

Connecting your Amazon Australia account to Sendle is super easy with  ReadyToShip’s integration with Amazon.

This integration connects your Amazon Australia account to Sendle for easy shipping with the click of a button (full list click here).

The integration has great features such as:

  • Automatic importing of Amazon orders into ReadyToShip
  • Address verification (suburb/postcode matching)
  • Automatically assign carrier services based on customer’s selected shipping method
  • One click label printing
  • One click manifesting
  • One click tracking update to Amazon!

Speed is of the essence and Amazon Australia (like other Amazon marketplaces around the world) has strict performance metrics. ReadyToShip help sellers maintain high standards with shipping time by optimising the label printing and order updating process with Amazon.

Connecting Sendle only takes a few minutes and can be done without any assistance.

We provide detailed instructions here: > Connect to Sendle

Once Sendle is connected, Amazon orders are imported automatically into ReadyToShip.

Sendle pricing is shown for each order (using the item weights and dimensions from the Amazon order).

Then simply select orders to ship, and click a button to print labels, and click again to update Amazon with tracking information. Simple!

Need a Sendle Account? Get one a free account in a few minutes, with access to Premium Pricing! Click here to create a Sendle account

Amazon Australia is Amazon’s newest marketplace, and for now is offer merchants the ability to list product and self-fulfil. This is called Fulfilled By Merchant (or FBM for short).

ReadyToShip is a multicarrier/multi-store shipping platform that now integrates with Amazon Australia, allowing sellers to manage their orders, print labels, and update tracking numbers back to their Amazon account. ReadytoShip now help sellers ship nearly 1 million items a month in Australia.

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