Temando Shutdown and Alternative – Get $100 of shipping credit

Temando Shutdown – What are the alternatives?

In late September it was announced that the Temando shipping platform would be closing down.

This has left a lot of retailers looking at options and alternatives to Temando.

If you need an alternative, ReadyToShip and Sendle can offer one, with $100 free shipping credit to help you out! To find out more, read on.

ReadyToShip in partnership with Sendle can certainly help, offering an integration platform to most major shopping carts and platforms.

Get $100 of free shipping with Sendle when switching over

How do you do this? Simple

  1. Sign up for free ReadyToShip and Sendle to get Pro Pricing from Sendle (see below)
  2. Send the Sendle team a recent Temando invoice to switch@sendle.com
  3. Sendle will apply $100 credit to your Sendle account*

ReadyToShip and Sendle work together to provide you a platform to replace Temando.

*Sendle reserves the right to refuse granting credit to anyone they deem using this promotion unfairly or unreasonably

With ReadyToShip and Sendle you can do both. Connect to your store/marketplace of choice, and book and pay for freight immediately.
Setting up ReadyToShip and a Sendle account only takes minutes and gives you the ability to print domestic and international labels at great prices.

Current Sendle pricing is included here:

Click here to set a up a free ReadyToShip trial, and sign up for Sendle to get free Premium Pricing for 12 months!

For the full Temando notice about their closure, please see the email they sent to customer below:

We wish to let you know you that Temando is undergoing an orderly shut-down of the business, subject of course to its ongoing legal obligations.  As part of this shut down process, your access to the Temando Dashboard will cease to operate from 12:01am on 29 October 2019. 

This means that as of 12:01am on 29 October 2019, you will no longer be able to login to access the Temando Dashboard. 

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause you.  Please note that you will still be able to access the Dashboard until 12:01am on 29 October 2019 and the Temando Dashboard will operate as usual until this time and date. 

Temando’s helpdesk will remain available for any queries you may have regarding Temando’s services, however should you wish to discuss Temando’s shut down, please 
email us on  dashboard_enquiries@temando.com.au

Why is Temando shutting down its business? 

The parent company of Temando has made a decision to bring the Temando business to a close in Australia.  This decision was made for financial reasons. 

Why are we giving 30 days’ notice? 

While Temando is not required to give you any notice under the Terms of Use, Temando has made the decision to give 30 days’ notice to provide its Dashboard customers time to seek to transition to another service provider.